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Helping to prevent periodontal disease

This article presents an overview of current evidence supporting a three-step oral care regimen for periodontal patients between appointments

A pathway to healthier gums

This article explores the ongoing need to help patients in their efforts to achieve improved oral health, using the ‘Healthy gums do matter toolkit’ developed by the Greater Manchester Local Dental Network as a basis.

Orthodontic preventive care

This article explores the oral health implications of orthodontic treatment and the kind of preventive care between appointments that may help orthodontic patients control plaque biofilm.

Supporting patients with dry mouth

This article considers the more common causes of persistent dry mouth, the potential implications, and how best to help such patients using the current evidence base.

Recreational drug use and oral health

This article considers some of the potential oral health effects of cocaine or cannabis use and how dental teams may be able to support addicts / recreational users to minimise any hard or soft tissue damage in the mouth.

Anxiety-free dental care

This article will seek to understand the basis of anxiety in dental patients and how to help them overcome those worries, with the net result of improved oral health.